The nice thing about being in a band like Weezer is that you never have to worry about looking cool. So the band won't lose any hipness points by introducing its very own line of Weezer snuggies, the wearable blankets your grandma loves so goddamned much. Each Weezer snuggie comes with a free copy of the group's cringe-inducingly titled new album Raditude. Also cringe-inducing? A guest roster that includes Li'l Wayne and Jermaine "Sinful Dwarf" Dupri and and song titles likeĀ "Can't Stop Partying," andĀ "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To". Oh, Weezer, always with the tomfoolery!

In other geek merchandising news, a pair of videogame designers have designed a new Iphone game called "Hi, How Are You" based on the music of Daniel Johnston. So, you know, he's got that going for him. Will these new products catapult Weezer and Johnston to super-stardom? It's not likely, yet we remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.