In Florida’s most shocking report of inexplicable violence sparked by a television show since the last one, a 62-year-old woman in Jupiter, Fla. was arrested after hitting a 65-year-old man on the head with a hammer, all because she was aggravated by an episode of Judge Judy. According to the police report, Janet Knowles and the unnamed victim—whose relationship to Knowles is both unknown and, hopefully, over—were watching Judge Judy dole out huffy, incredulous justice, when Knowles became “upset with Judge Judy.” Naturally, she grabbed a hammer to register her disapproval on the nearest skull, unwittingly illustrating the effects of daytime television. Of course, it doesn’t sound like she 100-percent knew what she was doing at all: Knowles was also reportedly disoriented and “unable to hold a conversation” with police during questioning, first telling them that she was simply upset that Judge Judy was on television and then suddenly complaining about “what a neighbor was wearing.” But in Knowles’ defense, Judge Judy is annoying and her neighbor dresses like a common streetwalker. [via Warming Glow]