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Today in feel-good stories: An acorn, a mall, and a lost-and-found

Photo: Alicia Llop (Getty Images)

Acorns aren’t common lost-and-found fodder, which is perhaps why this wholesome story out of Japan feels so magical. Twitter user Kiyo Yamauchi tweeted a translated summary of a story originally posted by user @mrmehoso11, who did, in fact, turn in an acorn at a mall’s lost-and-found, one that truly had been lost. A mom and daughter were waiting in the office, hoping that someone, somewhere might find a loose acorn worthy of a trip to the lost and found.


In a follow-up tweet, Yamauchi wrote that the original tweet and story were so popular in Japan that the mother DM’d him to tell him her daughter couldn’t stop gushing about him. She even declared she wanted to marry him for returning her trusty acorn. “The original tweeter says it was his first time he got a marriage proposal,” Yamauchi wrote.

Moral of the story: Acorns aren’t trash. 

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