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Today in duh: Movie tickets are more expensive than ever

Last year saw the average price of a movie ticket rise to an all-time high of $7.89, a five-percent increase over the average $7.50 fare in 2009, when you could see a picture show with the now-discontinued $8 bill and still have change left over to buy a nice prune malt and catch a bumfight.  Naturally it’s the 3-D what did it, which can add as much as $4 to a ticket even if it’s for Clash Of The Titans, and which suggests that the coming year—during which approximately 35 3-D movies will poke you in the face—will see yet another rise. However, National Association of Theater Owners spokesman Patrick Corcoran says that there was no causal relationship between higher ticket prices and last year's lower overall attendance, arguing, “People are staying away because of the movies.” Though also, we would counter, because of the people.

[Image that we are aware is a few years old via Flickr]


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