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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Jesus, will this ever end? According to Variety, the sinking ship that is the Weinstein Company has announced plans to bring the kitschy 80s William Shatner/Adrian Zmed cop drama T.J Hooker to the big-screen with the help of screenwriters Brent Maddock and S.S Wilson and director Chuck Russell. Ironically, The Weinsteins' Dimension Films previously hired Maddock and Wilson to write a script for a remake of their own Short Circuit, only to replace them with Robot Chicken writer Dan Milano in hopes he'll give the material an "edgier" spin. What could that possibly even mean?

Short Circuit got a little media attention earlier this year over the facial similarities between its sassy sentient metal man, Johnny Five, and the lovable robot from Wall-E. David Foster, a producer of the remake, has decided to give this a positive spin, quipping, "We think of Wall-E as an extended trailer for our film, because it’s the same face.”


Ha ha! It's funny because they're reveling in their complete lack of originality! The plus side is—there is no plus side, just the inexorable march to the grave and the rampant dumbing down of an already infantile pop culture landscape.

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