The Newswire has been suspiciously devoid on depressing remake news as of late. Is it because Hollywood has decided to shun derivative, mercenary remakes and "reimaginings" in favor of embracing originality, creativity and startlingly new, innovative scripts? Fuck no, as evidenced by the recent news that ABC has just ordered a pilot for a newfangled version of Charlie's Angels, the "classic" jigglesploitation adventure series that made Farrah Fawcett a star and helped ease millions of teenaged boys through the pain of adolescence.

Josh Friedman, who recently adapted The Terminator for the small screen, will write and Executive Produce the pilot alongside original producer Leonard Goldberg and Drew Barrymore, who produced and starred in the film adaptation and its sequel. According to an article in Variety, this actually marks the third time producers have tried to bring back Charlie's Angels. Spelling tried to resurrect the series in the late eighties under the title Angels 88 and Lost creator Carlton Cuse wrote a pilot for a Charlie's Angles remake that wasn't picked up. While the third (or fourth, or fifth) time be a charm? Being fans of cute girls kicking ass we remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.