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Today in cute: Blue Ivy Carter makes her rap debut on 4:44 bonus track

Photo: Lester Cohen / Getty Images

She’s been hobnobbing with celebrities and modeling designer outfits since she was born, and before she was old enough for kindergarten she appeared in Mom’s Peabody-award-winning Lemonade. Now, at the ripe old age of five, it was apparently time for Blue Ivy Carter to prove that she’s JAY-Z’s daughter, and so she makes her rap debut on “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” a track from Dad’s new album 4:44. The song is a bonus track that only popped up when 4:44 hit iTunes last night, so that’s why we’re just hearing it now.

Anyway, here’s a five-year-old who is richer than you will ever be rapping:


Although her enunciation is still admittedly pretty muddled—although you can clearly hear the line “never seen a ceiling in my whole life”—her ability to stay on beat is quite impressive for a kid who’s still learning her ABCs. Imagine how good her flow will be by the time she hits junior high.

[via TMZ]

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