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Today In Charlie Sheen Projects That Are Totally Going To Happen: A Sitcom Version Of Anger Management

Between his upcoming appearance at the Gathering Of The Juggalos and his Comedy Central roast (/intervention?) scheduled opposite the premiere of Two And A Half Men, recent news of Charlie Sheen’s activities have suggested things that might actually happen in the real world, instead of the magical fantasy realm where Sheen is #winning. Happily, today confirms that the tigerblood Sheen continues to triumph. According to The Wrap, Sheen intends to return to television in a sitcom version of the 2003 Adam Sandler-Jack Nicholson pair-up Anger Management, with Sheen taking the Nicholson role as a counselor who puts his patients through an unusual form of therapy. Hollywood mogul Joe Roth, who produced the original film, is reportedly in talks with Lionsgate Television on the project, but no one else is currently attached. To give this news some shred of plausibility, Sheen’s television comeback would certainly draw some interest, if only for its trainwreck quality. But for Lionsgate, a showrunner, and other cast and crew members to mount a major production around an unrepentant addict and narcissist who seems to model his life after his father’s character in Apocalypse Now? That’s a gamble along the lines of this scene from another Vietnam movie.

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