TMI (or Too Much Information). Yesterday it was merely the kind of annoying buzzword the young people of today use with the baggy pants and the Twittering and the Twilight grunge dancing and sexting and whatever it is youth-Americans enjoy (as a ninety-seven year old in spirit I haven't followed youth culture since Hoover was in office and Jitterbugging was all the rage). Today, however it is the title of a forthcoming romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, who began his career as the personification of smug doucheitude but has been gradually winning critics and audiences over with sharp supporting turns in movies like Adventureland, and A.V Club favorite Anna Faris, who critics have always loved, despite her predilection for starring in absolute crap. We can only hope that the film will prominently feature a sassy gay sidekick who quips, "Too much information!" every fifteen minutes after Reynolds and Faris engage in unwise, excessive self-disclosure.

Will Reynolds and Faris prove the Tracy and Hepburn of our day? Will TMI shock everyone by becoming the noxious buzzword-themed comedy that sweeps next year's Oscars? Probably not, yet we remain, as always, cautiously optimistic.