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If there is one immutable law of the universe, it is that everything Alison Brie does is adorable, whether she’s posing with a kitten (perhaps the only creature in the world more adorable than Brie), dancing the Charleston, or, in this clip from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, dropping a freestyle over ?uestlove’s minimalist drumming and Jimmy Fallon’s beatbox.


Brie. Fallon. ?uestlove. What’s not to love? The results are endearingly awkward, as Brie pimps the return of Community with a look of mild mortification, referencing some of the show’s best-loved tropes within spitting distance of Artie Lange, who might just be the anti-Alison Brie in that it’s impossible to imagine him ever doing anything adorable. Lange, for one, seems impressed, though it remains to be seen whether Brie is ready to test her freestyle chops by entering the Darwinian world of battle rap, so it might be premature to cast Brie as the lead in 8 Mile 2: Awwwwwwww!

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