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Tobey Maguire to produce “female-centric” sci-fi movie

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Marvel’s Kevin Feige isn’t working on a female-led superhero movie right now—what with his hands being tied by that dastardly Kevin Feige—but at least other studios are stepping up the gender equality in their genre films. There’s The Expendabelles, which is probably being made just because of that pun, and Sony is trying to develop some sort of Spider-Man movie about a woman, so those are at least something. Now, speaking of Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire and his Material production company are producing The Eden Project, a new sci-fi action film that The Hollywood Reporter refers to as “female-centric.”


Apparently, The Eden Project will focus on two women who do something sci-fi-related, and it might be expanded into a trilogy. Beyond that, we don’t know much about the plot. THR says that Sony is keeping any real information “guarded by a serpent,” which is either a reference to a really bizarre trend in Hollywood, or a nod to the fact that it has “Eden” in its name. The film will be based on a script written by Christina Hodson, who has appeared on The Black List—the collection of the best unproduced screenplays in any given year—a few times, so The Eden Project also comes with a certain amount of pedigree.

Now, let’s talk about dream casting. Who should play the film’s only two characters that we know about? Who could possibly live up to the great role that is Woman One? But Woman Two is no slouch either, and some would even consider her the real heart of the film. Or they could do a Nutty Professor thing and just get someone like Jennifer Lawrence to play every character.