After dropping hints about how tired he is of slinging webs and pretending that Kirsten Dunst is loveable, Toby Maguire has announced his intentions to tackle more challenging fare—namely, big robots smashing the shit out of things. Hot on the heels of Transformers and the in-development Voltron, Maguire's production company has picked up the rights to the cult 1980s anime Robotech, about the battle between piloted robots known as "mechas" and invading aliens. Maguire is said to be eyeing the lead role, and referred to Robotech's "rich mythology" while indicating his plans to make it a tentpole franchise. Seriously, that's it, right? Are there any '80s robot cartoons left? Go-Bots? (Oh wait.) Now maybe we can get back to, you know, adapting really good books or even, I don't know, writing original screenplays? Just throwing that out there.