While Tobey Maguire has admitted to taking part in a series of clandestine poker matches that also involved incarcerated Ponzi schemer Bradley Ruderman, he has denied one thing: He’s not the steely-smirked card shark Ruderman made him out to be. Maguire’s attorney acknowledged in court filings that he won more than $300,000 from Ruderman, but he also points out that he lost $168,500 to him too, and should there be a ruling that Maguire has to return his winnings to the victims of Ruderman’s plot, that money should be credited to him. Maguire also denied Ruderman’s claim that there was a regular roster of movie stars and wealthy entrepreneurs who frequented the games. Way to make yourself less awesome, Tobey Maguire. Wouldn’t the added cachet have been worth the $168,500?