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Tobey Maguire and a Whiplash producer are adapting comedy novel I Take You

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Actor, amateur card sharp, and professional retired Spider-Man Tobey Maguire continues to bulk up his credits as a film producer, with the announcement today that he’s teaming up with Whiplash’s Helen Estabrook to produce an adaptation of a comedy novel about a fidelity-challenged future bride. The book in question, Eliza Kennedy’s I Take You, centers on a young woman named Lily who develops cold feet about her upcoming marriage to fiancé Willone of those “brilliant, handsome archaeologists” you’re always hearing about. Lily herself is described by the book’s copy as a “lawyer extraordinaire” who likes a good drink (“or five,” the description gushes, in a tone that tells you this is the “fun” kind of alcoholism) who just can’t stay faithful to her guy. As Lily and Will’s wedding approaches, infidelity, drunkenness, and the highest of jinks begin to ensue.

Given that the book’s description cites Bridesmaids as an influence by name, it seems pretty obvious what route the adaptation might take. (After all, it’s not like Maguire and Kristen Wiig aren’t intimately familiar with each other already.) And while Maguire’s previous production credits include prestige pictures like Seabiscuit and last year’s Pawn Sacrifice, which he starred in as chessmaster Bobby Fischer, it’s not like he hasn’t been down for a little drunken debauchery before.

Maguire is developing I Take You with his production partner, Matthew Plouffe, and Estabrook, with whom he previously worked on Jason Reitman’s Labor Day. There’s no word yet on which young actress will get to take on the role of Lily, or the potentially even more vital role of her professional stunt liver and vomit/diarrhea substitute.


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