Photo: Warner Bros.

Look, you don’t need us to tell you that Wonder Woman is a good movie (though we have, a few times, actually). Just look at its Rotten Tomatoes score, which sits at an admirable 93 percent. You know who might be jealous? Terrence Malick, whose last three (non-documentary) feature films—Song To Song, Knight Of Cups, and To The Wonder—average out at a tepid 45-percent approval rating.

So, should Malick maybe lend his inimitable style the superhero world? Hey, it’s not so far-fetched. Video artist Nelson Carvajal proves it with To The Wonder Woman, an impressive trailer that pairs the audio from To The Wonder with visuals from Wonder Woman:


By emphasizing Wonder Woman’s love story and scenic tableau over its action, the footage dovetails intriguingly with Javier Bardem’s solemn, starry-eyed monologue and Hanan Townshend’s stirring orchestral score.

Mostly, though, it serves as a testament to Patty Jenkins’ grand, striking visuals and ability to foster emotive performances, not to mention Malick’s ability to foster an aura of contemplative awe through sound.

Here’s To The Wonder’s original trailer for comparison: