I Love Mel

For those of us craving a little more color—or just an excuse to procrastinate, really—during the dull work week, the internet is booming with adult coloring books, the new hottest way to avoid doing anything important. Hey, even John Green is making them! Oh wait, so it turns out Coloring Book John Green is a different John Green than Sad YA Novelist John Green, but we assume that if you read between the lines of Green’s coloring book My Horse, the two horses depicted on the cover are teenagers in love but then one of them has to be put down. Adult coloring books are probably major bummers, right?

Can their young horse love stand the test of time?


You can also color famous people’s faces, like Taylor Swift or Drake. Look, life is meaningless and we’re all barreling toward death, so maybe if we can leave behind something beautiful on this Earth, like a technicolor drawing of Drake on the verge of tears, it will have been worth it. All the cool kids are coloring—even Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson, who designed her own line of adult coloring books centered on cities.