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TNT's Snowpiercer show races ahead to meet quarantine demand

Illustration for article titled TNTs iSnowpiercer /ishow races ahead to meet quarantine demand
Photo: TNT

Because there’s nothing anybody wants more right now than to contemplate life trapped, forever, in cramped closer quarters with the entire rest of living humanity, TNT has announced that it’s bringing its Snowpiercer TV series to the small screen significantly ahead of schedule. Per a press release from the network, the long-in-development series—which stars Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs—will now race its way onto TV on Sunday, May 17.


Adapted from Bong Joon Ho’s first English-language feature, the series expands on the film’s tale of a 1,001-car supertrain circling the globe, keeping the last remnants of the human race alive and warm—if not especially comfortable and well-fed, given the rampant class warfare at play in its crowded cars. And while the show has been hunting around for a release date for more than a year, it also apparently has the confidence of its network; TNT has already renewed it for a second season, months before it was ever expected to air.

Now, again: Do people necessarily want a grim, post-apocalyptic thrill ride about scarcity turning human beings into monsters? Hey, who can say. Maybe it’ll just be nice to see large crowds of people semi-safely using mass transit for once.

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