Image via DC Comics

In a shocking break from the norm, a TV network has decided that it doesn’t want to get on board with the recent superhero craze. This is according to Deadline, which reports that TNT has dropped its plans for a live-action Teen Titans drama. The series would have been based on the long-running DC Comics superhero team, which is mostly made up of sidekicks striking out on their own. Fittingly, the show—dubbed Titans—would’ve focused on Dick Grayson/Robin, the poster-boy-wonder of superhero sidekicks, though classic Teen Titans members like Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven would have appeared as well.

This news might come as a disappointment for fans of any other superhero team, but luckily Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go!, which focuses on the very same group of characters, is still on the air. Granted, it’s about as far from a live-action drama as possible, but TNT’s show almost wouldn’t have had any episodes about Starfire marrying a pot of chili, Robin housesitting the Batcave, or the team mutating themselves so they can join the Ninja Turtles and get free pizza. Or maybe it would have. Now we’ll never know.