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TNT sinks its Claws into a 4th and final season

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In the spirit of never allowing us to have nice things for too long, TNT announced today that the next season of the Florida noir hit Claws would be its last. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the decision to wrap up the Niecy Nash starrer was agreed upon mutually by both the network and the creators. But did anyone think to ask us first?!


“For the past three seasons, Claws has handled delicate and culturally relevant themes like race, class, gender, age and sexual orientation with grace and humor via superb storytelling,” said Brett Weitz, general manager of TNT, TBS and TruTV. “Fans cherish the over-the-top Clawsian moments that have defined its run, and we will do them justice as we wrap up the tale of Desna and her crew.”

The winding tale of Desna (Nash), Polly (Carrie Preston), Jennifer (Jenn Lyons), Virgina (Karrueche Tran), and Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes)—a lively group of manicurists-turned-crime bosses—has often yielded outrageous imagery, untraceable twists and turns, and even the occasional musical number (the “Clawsian moments” that Weitz spoke so highly of). More importantly, it centers a handful of diverse women with hearty story lines with deeper character development than we were able to previously spot in mainstream media. On the brighter, neon-piped side: A final season, which will premiere sometime in 2020, will likely mean that any remaining bets will likely be off, creatively, leaving them plenty of room to somehow top a resurrection, a shoot-out in a nursing home, an unwieldy Russian mob, and anything that Polly may have up her sleeve. We miss it already.

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