Some good news for fans of TNT’s quietly pretty good cop drama Southland: The network has picked up the oft-abused show for another 10 episodes, which is pretty remarkable for something that seemed destined to die a quick death after NBC shuffled it around the schedule then dropped it entirely. Devotees of the show should be pleased, particularly as [SPOILER ALERT] that whole interminable subplot about Michael Cudlitz's pill addiction seems to be almost over.

In addition to the renewal, TNT also announced that it has picked up Perception, which stars Will And Grace’s Eric McCormack as “an eccentric neuroscientist” whose personal quirks and social awkwardness are a detriment to his relationships, but prove to be an asset in helping the feds solve complex crimes—a premise that is so outlandish, we could only see it sustaining maybe 70 percent of all procedurals, ever, but definitely no more than that. On the plus side, it features a co-starring role for Rachael Leigh Cook—who will hopefully get to do some sort of winking aside to her old “This Is Your Brain” commercials, otherwise it's a total missed opportunity.