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TNT renews Southland for another season

Proving true its longtime slogan, “We Have At Least A Passing Familiarity With Drama,” TNT has renewed unfairly kicked-around cop drama Southland for a third-but-really-more-like-second season to begin airing in January. The show has maintained a solid following since being rescued from NBC’s mass grave of mistakes last year, and continues to be one of the more engaging police procedurals on television, so this is good news. And now that it’s guaranteed at least another 10 episodes, perhaps it can finally address some of the serialized character arc stuff it’s always flirting with, such as explaining what the hell is up with that one cop’s wife who always acts like a manic-depressive teenaged girl ,and why he hasn’t just divorced her yet instead of trying to get this clearly irrational person pregnant.


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