In the halls of the Time Warner offices, a panicked TNT realizes that it doesn’t have any shows about superheroes. “Real networks have superhero shows,” it shouts to nobody in particular. “If the other guys are ever going to respect me, I need a superhero show of my own!” Unfortunately for TNT, most of the big-name characters have already been claimed by the time it gets to the superhero sign-up sheet. Fox has Batman, The CW has The Flash and Green Arrow, NBC has John Constantine, and ABC has all of the Marvel stuff. What does that leave for poor, old TNT? Disappointed, the network reads through the list of unclaimed superheroes, hoping to find a good one that the cool kids haven’t picked yet. Suddenly, a name catches its eye: The Teen Titans. Maybe it’s the number of Ts and Ns, or maybe its the fact that the Teen Titans have already had two shows made about them (three, if Young Justice counts), but something convinces TNT that it could work.

Nothing is official yet, but The Hollywood Reporter says TNT is “nearing a pilot-production order” for a new series based on the group of superhero sidekicks. The series will most-likely focus on former-Robin Dick Grayson as he transitions into the Nightwing persona and begins to lead a new team of heroes, which will supposedly include longtime Teen Titans characters like Starfire and Raven. The project is simply titled Titans, though, so its heroes will probably be a little older than they normally are in the comics and cartoons. Also, this being the same TNT that once used the slogan “We Know Drama,” it’s a safe bet that this version of the team won’t feature any of the lighthearted fun that characterized the two Teen Titans shows on Cartoon Network. Again, though, TNT hasn’t officially said it’s ordering a Titans pilot, so there’s a chance nothing will come out of this. But if it does move forward, the world will have yet another superhero show. Won’t that be exciting?