TNT has ordered to series the Sharon Stone-starring Agent X, a new drama that is being described as “National Treasure meets The Bourne Identity.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show focuses on a secret agent who is dispatched during times of “extreme crisis” when “traditional law and government aren’t in a position to help” to protect the U.S. populace “by any means necessary.” The series, which also will star Jeff Hephner and Gerald McRaney, was passed over in May—presumably because it wasn’t similar enough to a movie trailer—and has since been overhauled.

As previously reported, Stone will play the Vice President, who upon taking office learns of the top-secret Agent X initiative established by the Founding Fathers. This indicates that Stone won’t partake in most of the action, dashing hopes that we’ll see her in another fight scene like this. That is, until a bad guy breaks into the Executive Office Building and Agent X must race across Washington, D.C. to save her, which is definitely going to happen. The 10-episode series will air in the second half of 2015.