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TNT has canceled Dallas

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, TNT has cancelled its rebooted version of Dallas. We’ll wait a moment so everyone can contact their parents and tell them the bad news. Make sure to phrase it carefully though, so they don’t get too alarmed. NCIS is still on, after all. Also, tell them The A.V. Club said “Hi.” Anyway, the news comes only a few weeks after the end of the resurrected show’s third season, which means it won’t get a chance to do a proper Breaking Bad or Mad Men-style final sendoff. TNT presumably decided to kill the series due to its dwindling ratings, with THR citing the network’s baffling decision to move Dallas from the summer to the winter and then back to the summer as a reason for those dwindling ratings. Also, one of the hooks of the new version of Dallas was its ties to the original series, so the death of Larry Hagman in 2012 was, as THR puts it, “a blow.” Now all Dallas fans are left with is a tantalizing mystery that they’ll never discover the answer to: Who shot Dallas? Oh, wait. It was TNT. We already went over that.

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