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TNT figures it may as well renew Franklin & Bash

TNT has issued a renewal to its second-favorite ampersand, Franklin & Bash, the legal procedural that, like its police procedural counterpart Rizzoli & Isles, affirms that TNT “knows drama” in at least a theoretical sense. In any case, they know a friend of a friend of drama, or they know of drama, and what’s the difference? Anyway, ratings have been remarkably solid for the series, which stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer as lawyers who wear suits that magically contain their life-essence of electric guitar squeals and foosball tournaments—not only making them corporeal, but helping them get the drop on rich guys (the stuffy, totally uncool ones). On average, Suity & The Suit draws around 3.9 million viewers per episode, which makes it a pretty big hit when you put it in terms of basic cable and the standards of summer broadcasting. Also arguing in favor of renewal is the fact that the show isn't actively hurting anyone, at least not intentionally, and they seem like nice enough guys. Hey, have they had Mario Lopez make a cameo yet? Well, if not, now they can do that.


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