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TNT enlists Garret Dillahunt to lead its Monsters Of God

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Michael Tran)

Stories set in the aftermath of the Civil War aren’t typically about people having a lot of fun, but still, TNT’s Monsters Of God sounds particularly grim. As reported by Deadline, the show will star Garret Dillahunt as Colonel “Terrible” Bill Lancaster, a “tower of a man” who is both “vicious” and “relentless,” and the plot focuses on him using his position as head of a military base in post-Civil War Texas to “kill off every single member” of the Comanche tribe. He’s under orders to facilitate peace between the Native Americans and the denizens of a nearby town, but he decides to focus on their “total extermination” instead. In other words, he sounds like a pretty bad dude.

Monsters Of God comes from Rod Lurie, who wrote and directed the 2011 Straw Dogs remake, and it’s being produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment. The project is just a pilot at this point, but with a guy named Terrible Bill who loves racist murder this much, TNT would be crazy to pass on it.


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