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According to TMZ, iconic talk show host Larry King had a heart attack last week after going into cardiac arrest while waiting at home for a scheduled angiogram, prompting him to be rushed to the hospital for surgery. TMZ adds that King had been having “breathing problems” for the last six months but doctors “did not diagnose the severity of the underlying problem.” He is expected to be released from the hospital today.

However, according to The Daily News, King did not actually have a heart attack. His production company Ora TV has since released a statement saying he only underwent a scheduled angioplasty, going so far as to directly say that “he did not have a heart attack and he did not go into cardiac arrest.” It also said that King is supposed to be back hosting his Larry King Now show “soon.”


However (again), TMZ is not an organization that likes to be wrong about anything, so it has since updated its original post with an addition that doubles-down on its insistence that King had a heart attack and implies that it has a better line to King’s doctors that the production company does, saying: “Our sources are clear—doctors told Larry’s wife, Shawn, that he DID suffer a mild heart attack and there were proteins in his blood—a clear sign of a heart attack.”

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