After a full season of hiding the incipient Islamofascist takeover of our nation behind the illusion of Midwestern banality, TLC has canceled All-American Muslim, finally abandoning its mission of indoctrination. The show the Florida Family Association dubbed “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values”—specifically for daring to present Muslims as normal people who aren’t trying to behead everyone all the time—was, as you may recall, briefly the center of national controversy, when the FFA called upon its advertisers to boycott it, unless they wanted to pretty much just change the name of their company to Terrorist Supporters, Inc. “No, we do not want to be called Terrorist Supporters, Inc. That’s a vague and cumbersome name, and also the ‘terrorist’ part,” Lowe’s said, basically, while bravely standing up for American values by kowtowing immediately to its most alarmist and strident voices, and refusing to improve Muslim homes, which they would probably just bomb anyway.

But despite vocal support from those who felt Lowe’s was acting out of cowardice and racism, and that the hyperbolic reaction to a show depicting Muslims as an ordinary, boring American family represented some of the most ridiculous, knee-jerk fear-mongering in a long line of ridiculous, knee-jerk fear-mongering, All-American Muslim never really rose above its average of 1 million brainwashed viewers, hence the cancellation. Its absence will allow television to focus on more honest shows about Middle Easterners, such as Shahs Of Sunset. And of course, everybody in America now gets 25 percent more freedom. Get it while it's hot and freedom-y!