Continuing a relationship built on a respect for its subjects’ boldly idiosyncratic personalities, and certainly not on the gleeful exploitation of a human freak show, TLC has announced it will premiere the new season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo with a “Watch ‘N Sniff event.” Unlike previous, privately staged “Watch ‘N Sniff” Honey Boo Boo events—which involved watching while sniffing glue, or snuffling as you wept for mankind’s lost capacity for shame—the officially sponsored promotion involves 10 million “Watch ‘N Sniff” cards handed out by street teams of people trying desperately to avoid thinking about what they’re doing with their lives. The cards will also find their natural way home, like salmon swimming upstream to spawn and then get photographed looking all fat, into the pages of People and Us Weekly magazines.

Each Watch ‘N Sniff card will allow viewers to experience “the diverse and fragrant smells found in rural McIntyre, GA”—all of them presumably just as unique and evocative as the Honey Boo Boo cast members themselves, and every bit as immersed in farts. “We can think of no better way to honor this proudly brash family whose lifestyle we’ve come only to celebrate than by putting their faces on stink-cards, so you can smell their stink,” TLC says, basically.