Providing the Internet with the rare opportunity to make genital puns, TLC has announced plans to air The Man With The 132-lb. Scrotum—not the acclaimed Alfred Hitchcock film, in which Jimmy Stewart eludes Nazi spies while dragging around his giant scrotum, but rather a one-hour special about an actual man with an actual, 132-lb. scrotum. That man, 49-year-old Wesley Warren, suffered from a rare medical condition called “scrotal lymphedema” that made his life painful and humiliating, and therefore ideal for exploring on TLC.

The Aug. 19 special will chronicle Warren’s day-to-day struggle with simple tasks such as walking and going to the restroom—all while avoiding saying anything negative about it, so that no one could say, “Now, don’t get testes” and further compound his misery—before finally having the mass surgically removed in April. Though the Honey Boo Boo network will surely handle The 132-lb. Scrotum with similar sensitivity, Warren is obviously risking jokes here about having “a lot of balls” to share his condition with the world, because that’s just human nature. Are we not alive? If you prick us, do we not say, "Man, I totally missed that prick behind your enormous, 132-lb. scrotum"? Anyway, it’s obviously a risk he’s willing to take, if it means 132-lb. scrotums will finally get some attention.


It’s expected to be the largest scrotum seen on TLC, now that Jon Gosselin is gone.