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TLC fans totally drop the ball in naming new album

(Photo: Getty Images, Matt Cowan)

Really, the only time a band can get away with a self-titled album is when it’s a debut or if the band is Weezer. Anything else requires some sort of justification for why a more interesting name wasn’t chosen. TLC is the latest group that has decided to just slap its name on a new LP, but at least it has a good excuse: it was the fans’ idea. As reported by Pitchfork, part of the Kickstarter campaign to pay for a new (and supposedly final) TLC album involved band manager Bill Diggins asking fans to suggest possible album titles, with TLC then looking over the ideas for inspiration. However, in an announcement that suggests that the fan ideas weren’t very good, TLC has simply gone with TLC as the album title. You can see the cover art below.

TLC will be available on June 30.

(Image: TLC)

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