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Tituss Burgess releases animated call-to-action, "Dance M.F."

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History will look kindly upon the artists who dared to gift the world with unabashed dance bops during a global pandemic. So while we continue to thank the Dua Lipas, BTSes, and Lady Gagas of the industry, let us also make sure to give Tituss Burgess his proverbial flowers for his new single, “Dance M.F.” The singer and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor released the track Friday morning with an ostensibly singular focus: to get everyone out of their heads and onto the makeshift dance floors in our living rooms.

“This is an emergency,” Burgess warns over a throbbing beat. “This is of the utmost importance.” He goes on to warn that as life passes us by (and gets drinks, apparently), we should get up and dance while there is still music left. With a chorus sung by alt-R&B singer-songwriter Imani Coppola (“Legend Of The Cowgirl”), the simple groove is enough to sway a few shoulders. To help drive home the message, Burgess released an animated video reminiscent of the days of Schoolhouse Rock, which you can check out below.

Per a recent interview with Billboard, the uplifting message was penned prior to the pandemic. However, he recognizes that that the sentiment is still highly applicable. Mainly, he just wants to encourage everyone to dance regardless of skill or insecurities. “I wanted to create something where it would encourage people who may be dance challenged, like moi, to just get up and move. Stop being in your head about everything, and stop taking into stock what everyone else is thinking. Just do you.” You have to admit: “Dance, motherfucker” is a good enough reason to at least attempt to get off of the couch.

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