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Title of Game Of Thrones’ season 7 finale might tease the realm’s weirdest love story

(Photo: HBO, Helen Sloan)

We previously reported that Game Of Thrones’ upcoming season seven finale would be ridiculously long, with some pegging it at “around 90 minutes,” but now HBO has confirmed that it’ll actually just be about 17 seconds short of 80 minutes—essentially the length of a particularly brief Disney movie. That’s still very long for an episode of a TV show, especially an HBO show that doesn’t have any commercials, which means you might want to make sure you go to the bathroom before the “previously on” segment and the opening credits spoil any big twists, because you won’t have another chance for a while.

HBO has also announced something that’s slightly more exciting than the episodes runtime, though, and that’s the episode’s title: “The Dragon And The Wolf.” This is most likely a reference to Daenerys and Jon, since she collects dragon stuff and he used to have a pet wolf that he hasn’t seen in a while, but it also seems like a huge hint that something regarding the two of them will happen in the episode. The previous episode ended with her admiring his scarred torso and willingness to submit to her rule, while he was touched by the way she sacrificed one of her dragon kids to rescue him and his snow buddies, so maybe they’re going to throw caution to the wind and just get married.

That would be thrilling, of course, but if Jon would just stop back at Winterfell for five seconds and talk to his brother Bran he’d know that there’s a very good chance Daenerys is his aunt. This is Game Of Thrones, so that wouldn’t necessarily mean that they can’t get married, but it does seem very strange that the show has been hinting at Jon’s secret parentage while also hinting that he and Dany are thinking about making some incestous dragon/wolf babies. At the very least, either things will eventually get kind of awkward between the two of them, or things will get kind of awkward for those of us watching at home.


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