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Titanic II is real and there's a trailer

Pretty much since its release, the idea of a sequel to Titanic has been a running gag—fodder for Photoshop contests and fan-made trailers precisely because the very idea that anyone would attempt to make such a film would have to be the crassest, most shameless cash-in artists in the business. In other words, you’d have to be The Asylum, home to other “mockbusters” like Snakes On A Train and Transmorphers and now the proud parents of Titanic II. The faux-sequel picks up precisely 100 years after the events of the actual Titanic voyage, with an ensemble cast that includes Brooke Burns, Bruce Davison, and Dick Van Dyke’s son Shane (also the writer and director) embarking on another transatlantic cruise aboard the Titanic II luxury yacht, and following the exact same route that the original took. Guess what happens?

Titanic II - Trailer
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