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’Tis the season for Santastic 9, the Christmas mashup compilation

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There’s always a holiday conundrum for folks who enjoy the season but don’t enjoy the same old yuletide classics: Do you give in to the seeming inevitability of the tried-and-true, or do you try and spice it up a little? If you find yourself hearing Sinatra’s version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” for the millionth time and thinking, “You know what, Frank? Go fuck yourself,” then the people behind Santastic 9 have got just the thing for you.


Just as they’ve done for the past eight years, a motley assemblage of mashup artists have come together to refashion all those old holiday tunes into catchy, funny, or just plain bizarre new forms. Lovingly compiled and released each year by DJBC, this year’s collection is as diverse as ever. Kicking things off with Mojochronic’s Beatles christmas mashup, it soon moves into chopped-up Staples Singers tracks, a fusion of Mariah Carey and AC/DC, and our favorite number, Divide And Kreate’s downright speaker-rattling “Little Breakbeat Boy.” You can download the album for free (along with all past installments of the series) here.

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