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Tired of other people exploiting his death, Gary Coleman's former agent creates self-serving Twitter feed to exploit his death

Given the dignity with which he personally conducted the desperate exploitation of his own fame, it’s more than a little heartbreaking to see the aftermath of Gary Coleman’s death play out among various estranged family members, an ex-but-still-lawfully-married wife (who may or may not have killed him, but who definitely sold pictures of him on his deathbed), and a menagerie of agents and managers who suddenly can’t wait to tell everyone that they represent Gary Coleman. Over the past few weeks, many have asked these people what they’re talking about, and what they’re talking about is gaining control of his estate, something complicated all the more by the frequent discovery of new additions to Coleman’s will, which Coleman apparently drafted more times than Howard Hughes.

If you’ve tried following the case only to be frustrated by “negative rumors” and “false information,” you’re in luck: Former agent and “family confidant” Victor Perillo has launched a Twitter feed dedicated to addressing both of those, ensuring that all information the public craves about the fate of Coleman’s estate will be handled with the sort of clear-cut honesty that can only be afforded in 140 characters or less. Boldly taking a stand against people who would use Coleman's death as an opportunity to publicize themselves, Mr. Perillo issued this self-publicizing press release today:

“I am furious that there are people out there profiting from Gary’s death by getting paid for spreading vicious lies about the Colemans and tarnishing our wonderful memories of Gary,” said Perillo. “We want to be viewed as the voice of reason by always telling the truth and the source for factual information about Gary, his parents, and this tragedy,” said Perillo.


So far the Twitter feed’s “reason” is limited to a self-referential link to the announcement about the Twitter feed, yet it’s already gained 45 truth-seeking followers. It’ll be interesting to whether it can compete with the flood of misinformation out there, much of which will come from this rival Twitter account which we totally didn’t create just this second. Yes, it should be interesting.

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