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Tired of diplomacy, Moby just calls Donald Trump a “sociopath”

Photo: Phillip Faraone

There is a time in life to be politic, to carefully weigh your words against the damage they may inflict upon other people’s feelings or the possibility of diluting your arguments with unneeded hyperbole. Based upon this editorial published in Rolling Stone, it’s safe to say that Moby does not think that this is one of those times.

I’m tired of being diplomatic. I’m tired of being a mealy-mouthed, NPR-listening lefty who has to respect other people’s opinions. If someone’s wrong, I just want to have the temerity to say that they’re wrong. I’m tired of listening to people who simply are dangerously wrong and having to pretend that we respect their opinions. Trump voters are wrong. Jill Stein voters are wrong. There’s no ambiguity. I like the idea that the world in which we live is filled with lots of nuance and shades of gray, but when it comes to this, there’s no nuance and there’s no shades of gray. You’re either on the side of progress or you’re not, and I’m just tired of accommodating delusional, ignorant people.


The 51-year-old EDM musician seems to be somewhat incensed. Perhaps he’d like to expound upon what has him so fired up.

In past elections, I’ve vehemently disagreed with people’s political orientation or the policies they are proposing, but with Trump, I actually find myself disagreeing with his humanity. I think there is something seriously broken inside him where he’s an actual sociopath and on the spectrum pretty close to being a psychopath. He’s done nothing to indicate that he’s even capable of feeling empathy [for anyone] except for himself.

In case you’re wondering, yes, later on in the article Moby does go on to describe himself as a “cis-gendered white man” while bemoaning the “deep-rooted misogyny in this country that is virulent and pretty horrifying.” He clearly has his “NPR-listening lefty” bona fides. Which is what makes this showing of vertebral fortitude all the remarkable.

If you’ve pushed the vegan electronica DJ demographic this far, you might have overplayed your hand.


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