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Tiny little drums play tiny little cover of System Of A Down's "Toxicity"

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Screenshot: Miniature Drums (YouTube)

System Of A Down’s catalogue lends itself well to goofy internet remixing. In the past, we’ve highlighted a cheery, acoustic version of “Chop Suey” and a bunch of Wolf Of Wall Street clips laboriously matched to the same song. Now, we’ve discovered the title track from 2001's Toxicity reconfigured for the exacting needs of an internet audience whose cavernous maw demands to be filled forever with strange novelties.

Here is “Toxicity” played on a miniature drum kit.

Just like it says on the tin, the hands behind YouTube channel Miniature Drums are shown playing along to the System Of A Down single on a scaled-down set of drums. The song itself moves along with familiar, early-’00s guitar crunch and singer Serj Tankian’s roared choruses, but it’s accompanied by the tinny knockings of toothpick-sized sticks playing the drum part on a faithfully-modeled, Lilliputian kit.


For whatever reason, the whole thing takes place in a bathroom, the drums balanced on a toilet’s closed lid. It’s inherently goofy—made even more so by the little bottle of vodka and the little pack of cigarettes set next to the stool—but it’s also pretty impressive that the drummer manages to nail the part using miniature sticks held by thumb and index finger.

There are other tiny drum videos to enjoy if you’d like to study the bizarre set-up further. Watch a mouse-sized version of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and a slightly-less haunting cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” and consider whether you, too, might like to feel like a towering rock monster by creating your very own ridiculously small drum kit.

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