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NBC’s new streaming service Peacock told us what it wants (what it really, really wants) today, and what it turned out to mostly want was a whole boatload of old Dick Wolf shows. But a full complement of laws, orders, and Chicago public services wasn’t the only thing the new service has on its mind as it prepares for its big debut: It also promised new shows from everybody from the MacGruber guys to the McElroy brothers—as well as long-time network associate Tina Fey.

Fey’s new project Girls5Eva was one of the most heavily promoted entries at today’s big Peacock launch presentation, which makes sense, in so far as a), Fey remains one of the biggest names in TV comedy, and b), it’s one of the few original Peacock shows that have already been given an order by the service. (In a similar boat: Emmy Rossum’s Angelyne, the new Punky Brewster series, and the latest version of Battlestar Galactica, which the service promoted by showing footage of the old Battlestar Galactica.) Fey’s show centers on a 90s girl group that fell apart in a way that is not entirely dissimilar to The Spice Girls, and who are now, nearly 30 years later, trying to reunite for a second shot at stardom.


There’s no word yet on casting, although we’d be surprised if at least some of Fey’s regular stable of 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt performers—Jane Krakowski, Rachel Dratch, Amy Sedaris—didn’t pop up to lend their talents to the wannabe rock stars.

Peacock officially launches on July 15.

[via Variety]

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