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Tina Fey to play woman trying to have it all, including not being killed by terrorists

Adding to a post-30 Rock movie career that has mostly found her playing variations on other women who humorously struggle to balance their personal and professional lives, Tina Fey will do that again—this time while also trying to balance not being killed in an explosion. Fey is set to produce and star in The Taliban Shuffle, an adaptation of journalist Kim Barker’s darkly comic memoir about her days as an embedded reporter in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and—as Liz Lemon once had for Tracy and Jenna—the strange affection she developed for those two troublemaking, rapscallion nations.

Fey’s 30 Rock collaborators Lorne Michaels and Robert Carlock will co-produce and write the script, respectively, a team that makes even more sense when you consider that the New York Times review of Barker’s book said she “depicts herself as a sort of Tina Fey character,” making this story right up their alley. And besides, what are Afghanistan and Pakistan besides two countries who are also just trying to have it all?


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