So this is probably a first: Netflix has picked up Tina Fey’s new sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt before it has even had a chance to get canceled. It’s not that Netflix is picking up the series because it had nowhere else to go, either. Kimmy Schmidt had a straight-to-series order from NBC and was supposed to have a midseason premiere, but the network’s overlords at Universal TV just decided to put it directly on Netflix instead. The show is also getting a guaranteed second season on top of that, leaving NBC with whatever NBC currently has instead of a new comedy series created by Tina Fey.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt stars The Office‘s Ellie Kemper as an adorkable cult member who escapes to start her life over in New York City. She moves in with a struggling actor played by Tituss Burgess and gets a job working for Jane Krakowski, and then presumably has all sorts of wacky adventures. Also, we assume that she eventually realizes she’s practically invincible, and that Samuel L. Jackson’s character is actually a supervillain—but we might be getting our Unbreakables confused. 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock co-created Kimmy Schmidt with Fey, so its pedigree is almost certainly the main reason Netflix was interested in taking it over. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will premiere on Netflix in March, and never on NBC.