Now that 30 Rock is over and the opportunity to use 30 Rock in an article to capitalize on SEO-driven traffic is increasingly 30 Rocked, Tina Fey has time to focus more intently on her movie career. 30 Rock. We’ve already seen the previews for Admission, and now Deadline says the next film in which she’ll play a Tina Fey-but-not-Liz-Lemon-type will be The Nest from Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore and writer Paula Pell. (Pell is known for her many years writing on SNL, but probably, more honestly known for her 30 Rock appearances as Pete’s wife Paula and as Ron Swanson’s mother on Parks And Recreation.) The Nest would star Fey as one of two adult sisters whose childhood home has been put up for sale, so they burrow into the insulation, breeding disgusting litters and leaving little droppings everywhere. Just kidding: They’ll spend one last wild weekend together, fighting and bonding and singing duets and learning to accept each other, that sort of thing. Casting for Fey’s sister hasn’t been announced yet, hampered as it is by the fact that Amy Poehler looks nothing like her.