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Tina Fey hypes her SNL stint with an animated history of Tina Fey

In honor of her sixth time returning to host Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey is treating fans to an animated trip down memory lane—albeit a fairly truncated one. The minute-long promo for this week’s season finale tracks a cartoon Fey’s journey from Chicago to New York, where she climbed the comedy ladder from writer, to head writer, to cast member on the acclaimed late-night sketch show. “Then, I got to make other stuff,” she says, succinctly summarizing a career that includes projects like 30 Rock, Mean Girls, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Great News (to name a few).

Just in case this brief summation of her résumé isn’t enough proof that Tina Fey is a woman who knows what she’s doing when it comes to comedy, the producers at SNL have taken the time to upload a few old sketches from the last time she hosted alongside fellow alum Amy Poehler:

And if mid-2000s comedy is more your bag, here’s a clip from a 2005 episode hosted by Paris Hilton, who, at the time, was a person deemed popular enough to host SNL:

We anticipate Fey will bring the same level of quality to this weekend’s episode as she’s brought to her entire history with the show, but it’ll still be difficult to do something better that Mom Jeans.


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