For those who might have worried that the end of 30 Rock might have left Tina Fey wandering the streets while still trying to have it all, everything from warm shelter to dumpster sandwiches, rest assured that, no, she remains a very powerful and respected talent. Worry about something else. Indeed, no sooner did news break yesterday of her selling an NBC comedy with her 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock, than another show she’s developing with Carlock became the subject of a network bidding war between NBC and Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fey and Carlock have teamed with another 30 Rock writer, Matt Hubbard, on the show set at “a former all-girls college that has just opened its doors to men for the first time,” allowing them to stampede in with all of their penises hilariously flopping about. As with Fey’s other project, she won’t be starring, but her spirit will be there, haunting the hallways as the friendly school ghost. We just assume there will be a friendly school ghost, otherwise why bother.