Although 30 Rock is really and truly over, having answered its central mystery of “What is the island?” back in January (answer: Manhattan), Tina Fey is producing another NBC show that could potentially fill the void. Fey, her 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock, and 30 Rock writer-producer Colleen McGuinness have just sold the network another “female-centered workplace project”—one described as “in the vein of Cheers,” which we guess means beer will be served, maybe. What we do know for certain is that it’s about a young woman trying to reconnect with her estranged father, which leads her to discover “a new home and family on Fire Island.” Of course, given Fire Island’s long history as a comedic shorthand for the gay community, you can probably extrapolate what that means: That on this show, everything is constantly on fire. Can this young woman truly have it all, before it’s all reduced to cinder?