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Tina Fey drops by Maya Rudolph’s variety show for an homage to variety shows

(Screengrab: Maya And Marty)

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short have had long and varied careers in show business, which means they have any number of famous friends to rope into appearing on their new variety show, Maya And Marty. They’ve already featured Tom Hanks, Larry David, and Miley Cyrus, as well as Saturday Night Live company members old and current, like Jimmy Fallon and Kenan Thompson. Last night’s episode was all about the lady love (of variety show medleys), though, as Tina Fey dropped by to help Rudolph pay tribute to some of their favorite shows.

The two well-shod performers teeter on some tall stools and engage in some delicate mic work as they sing along to the hits of yesteryear, and even make up some new ones (what was up with Joni Mitchell and babies?). Maybe this means Fey will collaborate with Jack White on next season’s theme song, should Maya And Marty get renewed.


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