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Tina Fey denies that Alec Baldwin is leaving NBC any time soon, even though we all already knew that

Back in January, Alec Baldwin signed on for another season of 30 Rock after it looked like he was going to bail. And there was much rejoicing, for the fate of the show's seventh season had been signed in the kind of impenetrable ink reserved for contracts and Beyonce's letters to Michelle Obama. Then Baldwin went on Twitter yesterday to complain about the Today Show arriving at his apartment unannounced, claiming "I'm leaving NBC just in time." But as Tina Fey pointed out this morning on The View, news of Baldwin leaving is news to her—and she'd probably be the one to know these kinds of things. Fortunately Fey was able to reassure anyone who thought Jack Donaghy was going the way of Avery Jessup, so we can all go back to debating whether or not this season's as good as previous ones.


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