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It’s San Diego Comic-Con week, which means superhero news is the hottest thing in town (especially if that town is San Diego), but NBC is putting together a new dynamic duo of its own. As reported by Variety, the network has given a straight-to-series order to a new project from Tina Fey and Ted Danson, which is basically one Steve Carell short of being an NBC Justice League. Fey will write the series alongside regular collaborator Robert Carlock, with Variety saying that the series will star Danson as a rich guy who runs for mayor of Los Angeles “for all the wrong reasons.” After winning, he has to “figure out what he stands for, gain the respect of his staff, and connect with his teenage daughter, all while controlling the coyote population.” In other words, it’s Tina Fey and Ted Danson doing political jokes, L.A. jokes, and rich guy jokes, which sounds like a promising combination.


In a statement, Fey and Carlock talked how “thrilled” they are to be “writing for one of the network’s greatest stars of all time, Mary Steenburgen’s husband, Ted.” That’s pretty funny.

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