Last year it was announced that Tina Fey would star in The Nest, playing one of two sisters who reunite for one last wild weekend together in their childhood home before it’s sold, engaging in the sort of playful bickering, drunken singing, and reading the poems of Emily Dickinson by candlelight that women typically get up when left in solitude. At the time, we suggested that casting for Fey’s sister might be difficult, seeing as Amy Poehler looks nothing like her. But apparently, producers have settled on facial reconstruction surgery, or maybe just ignoring that so that Fey and Poehler can play together some more, because Deadline reports Poehler is in. The two are now set to co-star in the film—their first since 2008’s Baby Mama—that’s written by SNL’s Paula Pell and directed by Pitch Perfect’s Jason Moore, and featuring Poehler’s new face. (Or maybe just some aside about how one of them is adopted or “takes after Dad” or whatever; it genuinely doesn’t matter.)