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Timothy Simons elaborates on the riot he witnessed at a shitty bar in Chicago

Screenshot: Veep

On Friday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Veep star and proud father Timothy Simons told a variation of a story he previously told The A.V. Club a few years ago. It concerns a riot he witnessed at Joe’s On Weed, which he tells Colbert is “the worst bar in America.” After the Chicago Tribune reported on his comments, Simons took to Twitter to share an insane coincidence: The guy running sound for Colbert’s musical guest that night, Dan Auerbach, was also at Joe’s On Weed on that fateful night. The meeting brought back some long-forgotten memories of the incident.

First, here’s the video of Simons on Colbert:

And here’s how he told it to us:

TS: I also worked at a really shitty bar in Chicago called Joe’s On Weed as a doorman. It was as fucking awful, as you would imagine, knowing that bar. One of my first nights there, there was riot.

The A.V. Club: Why was there a riot?

TS: There was a Ghostface Killah show at Joe’s On Weed and one of the opening acts said something about Chicago hip-hop like, “Fuck you. You don’t know what you’re doing. We’re from New York.” It just went really poorly. I remember I actually had to take off the shirt that said I worked there, because it just got to this point where people were throwing the furniture off the second-floor balcony. It was like that scene in The Blues Brothers where people just kept throwing bottles.


Now here’s what he said on Twitter, which elaborates on the fate of the misbegotten couch and how Ghostface Killah reacted to the incident.


That Simons worked as a bouncer is still the funniest part about all of this.

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